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I went through all of the comments on this site and I have to say that some people have made good contributions and others are outright liars which is unfortunate.

If you are getting unwanted emails either from Winloot or one of our advertising partners please email us at members AT Winloot Dot Com or message us on our Facebook page or here:

and we will make sure you are removed at once. We have no interest in mailing users who do not want our emails and will be happy to make sure you are not getting mailed. To be very clear - we NEVER give your information to a third party. If you signup for a site that is advertised on Winloot you must refer to their terms of service and privacy policy. We have no control of that. If you feel you are getting spammed by one of advertisers please let us know. If that is true we will remove that advertiser immediately.

A few people on here have commented that they won and never received their prize. Definitely not true. We LOVE awarding prizes. This is why we exist. Some people definitely get confused or maybe read our emails too quick and think that when we send an email about a prize or say they are eligible for a prize think that means they won. We have almost 1,000,000 members and on a given day and about 999,995 understand every email we send but there are always a few who misinterpret what we say and that is a shame.

Winloot is committed to creating as many winners as possible. We give away one $100 cash prize every day guaranteed. We giveaways another $250 prize every week. Our new instant win game is generating around 10 to 12 winners EVERY DAY. Out site is 100% free. Our odds of winning are much better than some of the more well known sites out there (we'll leave their names out of this) and we are constantly launching new giveaways. If you like winning prizes online, then check out. If you have any questions you can always direct message us on the Winloot Facebook page or submit a request here:

Good luck!

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I been entering for over a year now and haven't found a way to enter my enteries up to date. I haven't won anything in money .

All I seem to get is a come on with credit coins gloating me on , hoping that I might win .l feel I am just playing a video game just to pass the time away and it's getting boring after a year. J Simmons


Let See What you have to say after I update my post with about 5 Attachments go ahead put a spin on it , I was waiting for them to process or do the right thing but now that I can see they're not going to go ahead and lay it all out and I'm just dying to see what you got to say about it thank you my name is Paul Meyer


You guys email telling I won this I won that. I can't claim it


ok i got a email and i read it correctly and it said that i won $100.00 its been a couple of months and i have not receivec my money as yet

to Anonymous Manhasset, New York, United States #1006695

Who was the email from that said you won?


Winloot are fruad. You cash in data for monetary profits.

to collier197 Manhasset, New York, United States #1006697

Hi Collier197 - totally not true at all. The information collected is only used to contact you if you win and send your check and to tell you about Winloot sweepstakes.

That is it!

If you go through any other sweepstakes site you will see them try to sell you stuff (like or ask you a bunch of questions to get you to try to sign up for offers when you register that takes forever. Winloot does none of that. You register and then you play the games. Simple as that.

Other sweepstakes sites mail tons of offers to you and some sell your data.

Winloot does not do that.

The only thing you get is mail about Winloot. Nothing else.

Ask anyone on this page who has posted a photo with a check if they think it is a fraud.

to collier197 #1007102

Cash in what data exactly? They collect email which they use to email you about Winloot sweepstakes.

If you joined the site you are interested in the sweepstakes aren't you? They ask for very minimal information so I don't think they are cashing in on anything...

to collier197 #1008986

Have you actually used the site? They ask for very basic info that can be obtained very easily for free.

They don't ask any questions or make you do surveys like some other sites so I don't think they are "cashing in" on your data. Some sites ask what your job is, how much money you make, if you have any kids and if so how old are they. Those kinds of sites are cashing in on data.

All Winloot collects is name, email, birth date and your zip code. I really do not think they are cashing in on that.

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