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I have unsubscribed several times from Winloot, but I am still getting several emails from them EVERY HOUR. THIS IS ABSOLUTE HARASSMENT.

On top of that, I can't even open my internet browser without it automatically being directed to their website. I have to shut down my browser several times to be able to access a different website.

I have even cleared my internet history so I won't be directed to their website. LEAVE ME ALONE WINLOOT.

Review about: Winloot Website.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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We absolutely do our best to expedite unsubscribe requests but we feel it important to share that our records indicate you only signed up on Winloot the day before this post on 11/15/17.

With regard to your home page being redirected, there are absolutely no downloads and now way for us to redirect your home page nor would we engage in such behavior.

to Anonymous #1392755

Interesting that you can take the time to reply here, but you still haven't taken the time to remove my email address from your list!

to Anonymous #1392758

And that is absolutely not true that I signed up for on Winloot on the 15th either. Granted, it hasn't been very long. I'll give you that much, but it didn't take very long and after getting so many emails from you every hour to know that your deal wasn't for me!


Merely cleaning your history does nothing to stop what you are experiencing. Your computer has malware/virus on it, apparently put there by the website you complain about.

Your homepage has been reset to theirs. You can manually reset your homepage to whatever you want, depending on the browser you are using, eg., Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Find out how to do that and see if it works. If it does, good, but you also need to scan your computer with a good malware or anti virus program to get rid of all the junk and bad stuff seemingly now on your machine.

You can get free anti virus programs like Avast Free Edition and also get the free Malwarebytes and do a complete scan for the bad stuff. Try the manual reset first, tho and go from there.

to h.kitchener #1392669

Dear h.Kitchener, Thank You so much for the advice! I will run my malware app tonight.

I am still getting 100s of emails from Winloot despite notifying their customer service to let them know about my media posts complaints.

It doesn't even seem to phase them. Is there a way to block their emails?

to h.kitchener #1392670

HaHaHa!! !

At least my internet browser isn't automatically being redirected to their site anymore.

You hit that nail right on the head! Thanks again!

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