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Instant lottery game

Why can't you get the winning numbers for the instant lottery games.


I need to know just how to get my prize money if winner.

How does a winner get prize money?? Some people have said they nevergot prize money! I must know Why??


Can't sign in.

I'm William Ross I played for a long time like I do most of the time. Now I seen on my emails winloot has a big winner and it could be me. I try to sign in and I can't to see if I am the $25,000.00 winner.


You were scammed. Happens all the time.


Did I win requesting statement for all winnings associated with email Bj #2 bjgoche521963@gmail.


Communication problems

Hi, I have seemed to stop getting emails from winloot.. I would like to receive emails again.

Not sure what I need to do.. but the daily emails were a big plus.. and now I'm not getting any communication.

Please help me fix this problem. Thank u



Here's my question for you guys... I'm asking bc my mom just received the greatest moments in her life by this site..

She won the huge bucks...but I'm very concerned too this site the CEO texted her all night asking her to send to send 250 thru ups and don't tell anyone and get a receipt and text them back. I love playing this game too But my mom is a single mom and trying her best to raise us up and out lol.. More the questions if this site is free and all why does she has to pay out 250$ js.

Please let us know.. Thanks and have a wonderful DAY.


Far Distance & How many Numbers

I live in Lagos Nigeria, how many Numbers do I have to pick for any number. Thanks David Bassey.


Are you legit

I have noticed that the same photo's are always the same. Name's on winner's way/page I keep seeing the same name's popping up.

Are you a member of the BBB? All these questions I need answered.

Please don't say you're sorry that I have a concern etc.. Just be honest.


I need to no if I won and how to give u my routing number

phone 7204167982 address 4900 n Trenton st apt 326 denver Colorado 80238 please help me


how do i enter tokens

for 2 days I have had 1000 tokens and entered the tokens for prizes and they did not register on the i'm out 2000 tokens towards sweeps....may I get them credited back to my account or applied towards the sweeps? I love your site and have won twice...a $100...and $10.

thanks so much.....I play every day....have a good one. vonnie morgan


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