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Medicinbank Nov 7, 17:18 EST claim & Answer & send my Bank Account p.v.s send my Bank Account 07 nov 2017: Medicinbank Nov 7, 17:11 EST Medicinbank Nov 7, 07:45 EST Answer & claim 4 time 07 Nov 2017: Cash Release Notification Two Large Cash Prizes - TODAY only Notice Sent To: Ashok Ashok Delivery Date: TODAY ONLY Prizes: Two Cash Prizes of up to $100,000 Winloot is notifying you about the re-release of two previously untaken Large Cash Prize TODAY, and we know FOR A FACT that four out of five of the names listed below have already given up a prize they were selected to win... BUT NOT YOU, Ashok!

Antonio H., Jackson, Mississippi Darla F., Roy, Utah Ashok S., Los Angeles California Nelly T., Wilmington, Delaware Marylin O., Victorville, California Don't forfeit your Cash Prize entry opportunity: Play Winloot To Confirm Receipt Of This Prize Release Notification and submit your entries by playing the Winloot games before the midnite deadline. Then go to the tokens page, find the cash prize being handed out tonite and submit your entries. You see, at the end of every giveaway, we always compare the list of people who played Winloot with the name of the selected winner. Simply because these folks didn't play, we could not award their prizes.

Ashok Sarkar is on the list of Winloot Members receiving this Release Notice who can enter for a chance to win. So click and play Winlootbefore the upcoming deadline. Play Winloot Now For These Two Surrendered Prizes I cannot say more until the giveaway ends.

Receipt of this email alone does not mean you are already a winner, however, with two Guaranteed Cash Prizes up for grabs, has there ever been a better time to play Winloot? IF your entry in game six matches the winning numbers, your cash prize will be $100,000.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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