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This is only my opinion and i think its important to be safe on the internet but ther are are scam artists out ther i was told i am a winner but iv yet to resieve anything from winloot. In my own opinion this is what i think about.

When an email tells you that youve won and when you open the email you read that " Oh " you might be a winner " but we're not sure . " um did you happen to play today " like the prize manigment doesnt have a clue .right ? so you think to your self this prize manager is stupid ill just give my personal info out and he will make sure im a winner because he allteady thinks i won . YEAH THATS YOU WINNING A TROJEN HORSE .

YOUR PHONE Might START ACTING ODD NOW ... But thats my own paranoia ( I THINK . ) i could be wronge. I just feel like im being tricked or lied to when i read sertain emails.

That claim im a winner . and turn around and word circles around to lead me into giving them what they want .

. i think

Product or Service Mentioned: Winloot Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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